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I Am A Lowly Person

I guess here is where I will be the most honest, because out of the small amount of people that follow me, I believe only one of them knows me personally. 

As you can see I have taken a break from tumblr, this will be my first post from my break. I am back at the request of a friend of mine. 

No one will see this. 

For no one cares. 

I have come to a point in my life where I cannot stop thinking about people, about things, about things that matter to me. 

I cannot feel, but think that nothing in this world cares about me, however. 

To some, I am not depressed, I am the regular person they believe me to be. 

I am not a shipwreck, but I am depressed. 

I have two more years to live. May my life be fulfilling. 

I am a lowly depressed person. Welcome to my life in standstill. 

I Am A Photographer.

That being said, I really wish most of these social sites make more user friendly ways to manage photos. 

If I want to move a whole album to this site… its gonna take forever…

Blogging vs. Vlogging.

Title is Misleading. Sorry.

I been thinking about vlogging for the longest time, ever since I joined CTFxC two years ago…

It definitely looks fun to do.

I might actually do this.

Moar vlogging info to come soon.

School… and How I Might Not Graduate.

I am in high school.

Yep, the final step till I enter a stressed life.

Still, I am in a difficult situation. I am part of a special program in FBISD called Global Studies Academy, formally the Global Languages Academy. Hence the name change, we went from just languages to languages and world studies. I have to admit, being able to be part of this is awesome and everything, but now my schedule is messed up. According to my setup, I wont have the required credits to graduate. 


I have options, but I am not exactly excited to choose one.

I cant go to summer school because it is way too expensive, I just cannot fathom to spend $800.

I dont want to give up a math class, I require further knowledge.

I dont want to give up JROTC, a program in which I have fallen in love with.

I am typing this to make myself feel better, not as a way to seek help. Unfortunately it isnt working. School starts in 21 days for me. I need to figure something out fast.

Technology is a Wonderful Terrible Thing.

Or at least to my generation. According to Time Magazine, my generation is the Millenials, people born within the 20th and 21st centuries. We are also known as the “Me” Generations, where our minds have become focused on self appearance and consciousness. It is believed we behave like this because of Computer and Internet Technology, where things that would take some degree of effort can now be done in seconds. Soon, we created the social networks, (which, when you think about it, made us anti-social…) and soon we are posting things about ourselves. It has become a habit, to the point where we do it in real life. Even as I type this, I am guilty of this submission. Oh well. Nothing I can really do about that. So lets try to show the rest of the world what the Millenials can do, because surely we can surpass the potential of the Greatest Generation.

Just because something isn’t productive doesn’t mean it is a waste of time.

Father Mario Arroyo, St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church Houston, TX

A Project

I am making something just for fun.

Its a FPS guide, for people who are not exactly familiar with these type of games.

You might be wondering, why do you need to explain one of the most common game types?

Lets just say my friend is purely RPG, and a FPS would be too much.

So yeah.

I Have Been Places.

Its time to start all over. 

Perhaps its for the best.

I welcome you to my world. In standstill.

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